Research and Development
The field of research and development is endless. Man has found a million ways to be served by an electronic device and he will find a million more. Our team will be happy to discuss your specific needs and if plausible, create a tailored solution. We take on development in all areas, excluding medical, nuclear and /or life-support systems.

Our development environment includes:

  • OrCad 16.5 – schematics, PCB design, simulations
  • Altera Qartus II 13.0 SP1 – CPLD and FPGA design
  • CEDAR Logic simulator – Logic design
  • JALv2 – Microchip PIC firmware design
  • Flowcode V5 Professional – Microchip PIC design and simulation
  • A whole array of specialized applications for calculation and simulation
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  • A very fast and responsive PCB manufacturer for prototyping and production purposes
  • Parallel suppliers of electronic components
  • Lab, equipped for development and repair of semiconductor and tube electronics
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