We hate internal combustion. It is dirty, expensive to run, noisy, laggy, it has become the reason for so much suffering and pain, natural disasters, greedy and ruthless oil companies. Although companies like Tesla Motors Inc. make us proud, gasoline still rules our lives in more ways, then we can even imagine. We have to grow up and get over it once and for all, before it becomes the reason for another world war. A war, that will wipe us all out and cut our roots. It all begins with you.

European authorities have been acting like good old chaps and legislation has been passed, that forbids eBike electric motors with more than 250W of power and the usage of throttles. You are not allowed to have a plausible way of transportation. Only pedelecs and bikes for children. This is something we will not adhere to. Get yourself a motorbike driving license and give us a call. We do custom bikes, no mass productions. If you want us to build you a two-motor 6kW monster - we will, gladly!


In the pictures – a customer in Vienna sent us these beautiful autumn pictures of his bike. We used a Dragomir frame and a 500W front-wheel system from Golden Motor. Battery is removable for recharge at home. Control is by throttle. Battery capacity is 12Ah@36V. By now he has more than 1600km on it.