Antennas, transmitters, exciters, etc.
Amateur radio has been around since the beginning in 1895. People have been building receivers, transmitters and antennas, experimenting with waves at short, long and extra long range – from tens of meters apart, to the whole 384,400 km moonbounce EME contact distance.
Engineering Bureau “Barin” has strong background in radio. We will be happy to assist both amateurs and professionals in their journey into the world of radio communications, broadcasting, telemetry and signalling.





We can develop and deploy:
  • Receiving antennas in the 100kHz – 30MHz range, including longwires, beverages, cage dipoles, rhombics, etc. and their associated feeders, transformers, lightning arrestors and grounding. We can also develop compact active receiving antennas.
  • Transmitting antennas in the 3MHz – 30MHz range for amateur and broadcasting with low power.
  • Antennas for 27MHz, 50MHz, 144MHz, 433MHz and WiFi.
  • Amateur tube transmitters for CW with various power levels and optional keying by PC.
  • Amateur tube transmitters with AM and HiFi modulators, achieving 8Hz-50kHz audio bandwidth with 115% positive mod (100% negative) at 15W continuous output. These high quality exciters do a great job at driving grounded-grid or transistor linears.
  • DDS synthesizers in many shapes – VFO, single band exciters, lab generators and more from 0Hz to 70MHz. We develop siutable Elliptic (Cauer) filters for low harmonic output. We use high quality buffers from Analog Devices, Inc.
  • Wideband RF amplifiers with more than 20dB gain in the 2-30MHz range. Output impedance can be 50 or 200 ohms. Optionally 3dB or 6dB pads can be added to the output. The amps work on 12V DC.
  • Wideband QRP CW amplifiers. They work in the 1.8Mhz to 18MHz range and give a full QRP gallon (5W) with only 5-10mW drive. The amps work on 12V DC.
  • Hign voltage stabilized power supplies with Uo = 0-330V/Io = 30 – 220mA. Other output voltages and current limiting ranges available upon request.
  • Antenna signal distributors (multicouplers) for the 13kHz – 31MHz range.
All qualified services are offered to licensed customers only!