Small and independent Real-Time Clock module for your projects. TIMEKEEPEr is built around the proven DS1307 RTC chip from Maxim Integrated. Easy to implement I2C command set with examples in JALv2. After being set once, the TIME- KEEPEr returns Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minutes, Seconds and day of the week on command. There is a fast internal user accessible RAM block of 56 bytes.
On board CR2032 long life battery, held securely in place by a high quality Keystone holder. Heartbeat LED and an optional 5 pin 3.5mm step screw terminal.

We will gladly:

  • Assist you in developing the firmware, required for your specific application
  • Support you in the process of implementing and integrating the TIMEKEEPEr
  • Modify the board to your specifications if certain conditions are met (quantity, engineering considerations, etc.)
  • Organize demonstration sessions and staff education in proper installation and usage (if we have developed the firmware)

Main features:

  • DS1307 RTC Chip from Maxim Integrated
  • I2C
  • 56 bytes of user accessible RAM
  • Onboard long life baterry from EEMB Corp. USA
  • Hartbeat LED
  • Optional 3.5mm screw terminal on bottom

For product brochures, datasheets, beginner guides and more visit the TIMEKEEPEr page in the Learning Centre.
Learning Centre - TIMEKEEPEr