RALi RCi1000

Automation controllers, development boards, educational controllers, process controllers, big and small, expandable or not, connected or standalone – they all share many common characteristics. They all have a microcontroller, inputs and outputs, some way of programming. We have tried to differentiate ourselves from these features, that will devote the controller to a specific task and create a small, universal board. It will serve you equally well as a development board for 18F series Microchip microcontrollers, as a automation controller in many areas of live and work (from automating simple tasks to building expandable decentralized systems with expansion boards like BOb RCe100), as an educational tool in schools and universities and more.

We will gladly:

  • Assist you in developing the firmware, required for your specific application
  • Support you in the process of implementing and integrating the RCi1000
  • Modify the board to your specifications if certain conditions are met (quantity, engineering considerations, etc.)
  • Organize demonstration sessions and staff education in proper installation and usage (if we have developed the firmware)

Main features:

  • Powerful 40MHz PIC18F4620 chip.
  • 2×16 symbols LCD w/backlight.
  • 4 soft touch pushbuttons.
  • RS232 (no handshake lines) and RS485 serial ports.
  • Can be used together with an option to invert RX from the RS485 bus.
  • I2C bus.
  • 8 I/O digital lines can be configured as I/O and/or isolated inputs by DIP switch (+/- 16V ac/dc input).
  • 4 protected analog inputs (0-5V).
  • 4 SPDT 230V~/15A relays.
  • 1 PWM output with 1 digital I/O for control / shutdown.
  • Filtered input power supply (15-24V AC/DC).
  • Onboard DC/DC converters, supplying 5V@1A and 12V@1A (w/heatsinking).
  • Both voltages available for external devices 12V available on the TTL UART port.
  • Optional Colt bootloader preloaded.

For product brochures, datasheets, beginner guides and more visit the RALi page in the Learning Centre.
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