BOb RCe100

BOb is RALi’s small brother. It is small, powerful and economical and can be used as a standalone controller or as a break-out-board / extension for RALi.

We will gladly:

  • Assist you in developing the firmware, required for your specific application
  • Support you in the process of implementing and integrating the RCe100
  • Modify the board to your specifications if certain conditions are met (quantity, engineering considerations, etc.)
  • Organize demonstration sessions and staff education in proper installation and usage (if we have developed the firmware)

Main features:

  • 20MHz PIC16F88 chip.
  • RS485 serial port with bus power.
  • I2C bus (accessible on I/O header).
  • 8 open collector outputs 50V/500mA.
  • 8 pin digital I/O header.
  • 1 protected analog input (0-5V).
  • 2 isolated TTL inputs (7V ACpk/DC max).
  • ICSP Header.
  • Onboard linear regulator
    (7-24V DC input).
  • Optional Tiny PIC Bootloader preloaded.

For product brochures, datasheets, beginner guides and more visit the BOb page in the Learning Centre.
Learning Centre - BOb