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26.02.2015 -
After undergoing more modifications, the new and improved WHISPERs V2 has been harvested and tested. The design features USB comms and improved mathematics package with an Altera CPLD. You can download the WHISPERs V2 TRNG Test Results now!
03.10.2014 -
We have successfully finished implementing a MATLAB + HIL based educational R&D stand at Technical University – Sofia! We would like to thank PhD Borislav Grigorov and Prof. Dr. Eng. Konstantin Dimitrov for the chance to work on a challenging task. We wish them and their students well and many successes! Check the link above for pictures and videos!
09.09.2014 -
Welcome the BEa1051 CONDUCTOr - a 10Wp / 2.5W carrier DDS based AM exciter. Preliminary tests show excellent modulation characteristics. The PA stage is realized as a push-pull tandem of two pure Class A amps, capable of delivering more than 16Wp of undistorted power, but set back to run cool, fan-less and stable into 50 ohms load. Stability tests performed show that the CONDUCTOr’s protection circuitry allows it to handle anything from open circuit to short on the output. Frequency is set via serial terminal menu on USB. Last setting is retained in EEPROM, allowing for a single setup run. More info, pictures and measurements will follow soon.
07.04.2014 -
You can download the WHISPERs TRNG Test Results now!
25.03.2014 -
Work is progressing on the WHISPERs TRNG and the new DDS based AM exciter.
- WHISPERs TRNG is undergoing a minor modification. The new DIEHARD, NIST and ENT test results will be published soon.
- The DDS based AM exciter was reworked with the AD9851 DDS from Analog Devices Inc. The modulation is achieved by varying the ADC current directly at the DDS. A new Elliptic (Cauer) filter and a GALI6 MMIC buffer amplifier were developed and implemented. We now work on the control software for the DDS. Prototype controller is based on the PIC16F88 by Microchip.
30.01.2014 -
The TIMEKEEPEr RTC module is finally here! Check out the product section and Knowledgebase.
25.12.2013 -
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Let 2014 bring us all light!
18.11.2013 -
A new section has been added to the knowledgebase – Bootloaders. Check it out!
05.11.2013 -
The new BOb RCe100 is here! Check out the product page and the Knowledgebase for the updated datasheet and examples.
17.10.2013 -
The Encryption section of the Knowledge Base has been updated. Have fun!
11.10.2013 -
We have decided to release to the public our encryption algorithm. Our reasons are:
  • Every crypto algorithm that is to be taken seriously has to be public. The strength is not in keeping it secret, it’s in allowing everyone to look for it’s weaknesses.
  • If this idea is as good as it seems to us, everyone has the right to use it.
The Encryption section of the Knowledge Base is the place to look for it. It’s called WHISPERs.
08.10.2013 –
The Encryption section of the Knowledge Base has been updated. Have fun!
04.10.2013 –
BOb RCe100 is getting an overhaul and all download links are removed! The new features are already on the Products page. The picture, datasheet and other documents will be uploaded soon. We are expecting the first batch of the updated PCB’s on the 15th of this month. By the 24th all data will be updated. Thank you for your patience.
18.09.2013 –
New firmware samples for RALi RCi1000 controller are available for download in the knowledge base.