Hardware in the loop based educational system for Technical University – Sofia

  • 4 USB I/O boards by Velleman
  • 1 BOb RCe100 controller for request generation, bootloaded and connected via USB for quick reflashing
  • 4 geared DC motors with BTN7960B based motor controllers
  • 4 Kubler rotation sensors
  • 2 NEMA stepper motors
  • 2 A4988 based stepper motor drivers
  • Functional 3 color status tower light
  • High quality 320W PFC power supply by MeanWell
  • 2 NEMA stepper motors
  • Full MATLAB environment integration via DLL


We were contacted by PhD Borislav Grigorov and Prof. Dr. Eng. Kostadin Dimitrov from the “Logistics engineering, material handling and contruction equipment” department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technical University-Sofia. Mr.Grigorov was tasked to develop a new development and simulation platform, based on MATLAB and having a hardware extension with live response to the programming algorithms.
The stand allows 4-6 students divided into two groups to code, simulate and debug MatLab motion control algorithms. The central position is reserved for the assistant. He will check the developed code and switch over the USB line to the corresponding group, giving their PC control over the HIL part.

Dipl. Eng. Bilyan Marinov and PhD Borislav Grigorov 
A short general demo – 1:20, 720p, 68MB, MOV file
Motor slowdown – 0:10, 720p, 8.93MB, MOV file
Motor hard brake – 0:03, 720p, 3.9MB, MOV file