Barin Radio Works

The Radio Works encapsulate a range of activities in repair, restoration, prototyping, development and having fun. Most of them take place in the heart of our business – the lab. When we are not busy developing our products or firmware, the lab becomes the Radio Atelier.

This is a shot of the main workbench. We really couldn’t resist placing some tubes up front for the shot – we love them. They bridge the past and the future – the link between the steam engine and the microprocessor – a device, that uses heat to generate, amplify and switch electric signals. They are “alive”, in contrast to semiconductors. Yes, tubes require heating and high voltages, lots of space and have low efficiency. But, as we tubeheads say – real radios glow in the dark! This page is dedicated to all things radio. Here you will find articles about radio, datasheets, shared experience, schematics and more.

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