Bridging work and playWhat does “Engineering Bureau” mean?

Today’s fast moving electronics and business world is structured around companies. Few of them are really huge, with tens of thousands of workers and international influence. Some are medium sized, having hundreds and thousands of workers, maybe countrywide coverage or a couple of international connections and offices. Then there are the small companies, employing up to say 50 or 60 workers. No matter what size, all companies today follow the same business development patterns – they try to grow bigger and bigger, generate more income and generally get slow, fat, unresponsive and overcomplicated. This is what we are not.

Engineering Bureau “Barin” is an electronics boutique. It is a family business, and it shall stay one. It is owned and run by Ralitsa Marinova and Bilyan Marinov.

Our customers will receive the same quality of service, one would expect from say, a Radio Repair Atelier back in the 40’s – personal touch, flexible and responsive staff, high quality workmanship, full personal responsibility. One should expect a cup of tea or coffee too.

We take orders after a careful consideration. Only when we have the time and the capacity, the order will be taken and fulfilled. Otherwise quality will come second and this is unacceptable. There is always the option to wait for a while to get the service you deserve.

The announced pricing is subject to discounts per volume or application. Please contact us for pricing options.


Areas of work

Automation controllers and systems

R&D services

Educational systems and kits

Tube radio repair and restoration

Tube transmitters for HF and MF (AM and CW)

Preamps and multicouplers for HF

Receiving antennas for LW, MW and SW bands

Transmitting antennas for SW

Data encryption systems

Elelctric transport – custom eBikes

our principles

  • Treat every customer with a personal touch.
  • Only take orders if the time and capacity allow for a high quality and timely completion.
  • Always remain a family business and bring family values to the craft.
  • Always use proven and skillful subcontractors.
  • Always bear the full responsibility for your subcontractor’s quality of work.

Customers we serve


System integrators

Technical schools and universities

Ham radio amateurs

Electronics enthusiasts

Government agencies

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Partners and friends

Integrated Industrial Electrical Systems
“BOISEL” glassworks company
(Bulgaria Blvd. and Akad. Ivan Geshov, in the underpass, 02 8580120, 088/8472080,